Holiday Cookie Lists

It’s that time when everyone is on a baking frenzy and throwing together every kind of holiday cookie they can think of. Or maybe that’s just me? : ) Either way, here’s a list of my holiday cookie recipes to give you a few ideas to try. All of these are gluten free but can be easily substituted with regular flour. Each one should have a link to the original recipe. We will be baking a TON of these and maybe even some new recipes to give as gifts to family, loved ones, neighbors and even strangers! I’m always up for a new challenge or recipe ideas so if you have any you’d like to see, send them my way! Happy holiday baking!!
Molasses Almond Butter Cookies
Maple Pecan Cookies


Baked Goods

Mini Banana Mango Bread Loaves

Gingerbread Cookies
Lemon Lavender Truffles
Cinnamon Orange Candied Pecans

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