Healthy Living Bundle Package

Oh friends do I have some exciting news for you!!

I am very pleased to help pass the word about an awesome bundle epackage for you! First, let me make a few things clear.

1.) I do not promote products or things that I do not believe in or do not believe would help my readers (aka YOU!)

2.) I do not promote products or things that I do not personally use or at least have tried. While I may be currently on a strict diet, I’m always looking for products that my family can use or eat – all healthy of course.

3.)I actually purchased this package (and one similar a few months back) so therefore, when I say I love it – I really love it (obviously as I spent the money on it).

So with that being said, let’s bring on the deals!! This deal is a Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle that features over $1000 worth of products for only $29.97. Basically, there’s a TON of ebooks, ecourses and product bonuses or discounts. There’s a limited number available and the promotion is only running for a few days.

Here are a few things you can find in the bundle:

-ebooks such as DIY Natural Remedies by Nina Nelson, Get Up & Go! Fun Ideas for Getting Fit as a Family by Jennifer Flanders, A Simple Homemade Clean by Lisa Barthuly, Well Fed 2 by Melissa Joulwan

ecourses such as: 5×5 Fitness Challenge from Fit2B, Grocery Savings Made Simple, Real Food Cleansing Guide

-Bonuses/Discounts such as: 1 Free Variety Gift Pack from Made On Skin Care Products, 1 Free Gift Set from Homegrown Collective, $15 Gift Certificate to The Joyful Giraffe baby products

These are just a FEW of the awesome deals available with the ENTIRE package. Don’t believe me – check it out here!

The way this works is authors, companies, etc. team together to promote their products or services and what better way to do that than offer it at such a cheap price?! With your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download your PDF copies of products. You an download it to computer and read as you wish. Don’t like it, you can get a refund before a year is up.  Most of these products are around $10 each so you definitely get more than you are paying for.

Again, I don’t like promoting things on my blog, unless I truly believe they are worth it. If you are interested in making a healthier lifestyle for yourself, either by the way of food, fitness, green living, etc – I encourage you to purchase this bundle before they are all gone! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to let you know more of how I feel about it!

Here’s the link to check it out: The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

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