Happy Mother’s Day!

Good Morning!! Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s out there! Today, I’m going to dedicate this post to all those special mothers in our lives but don’t worry, I have an awesome recipe for you at the bottom!

First off, I have to dedicate this post to my mom. She’s wonderful. She is my go-to person for everything. She has always been there when I need her and I’m sure she always will be. In addition, she is a wonderful grandmother to my children. We love you, Mom!


I also have a pretty great mother-in-law. My husband’s step-mom has welcomed me into their family with open arms. She’s supportive of Caleb and I and spoils our children rotten. She’s always there for advice and we appreciate everything she does for us – which is way more than we deserve!


If it wasn’t for my grandmothers, obviously, I wouldn’t be here. Neither of my grandmothers are here anymore but I still have many fond memories. My maternal grandma, aka Granny Grunt, was one tough cookie. She would get so mad at us for going upstairs at her house and for other little things but she loved us – and all of her grandchildren. My best memories are all of the holiday dinners we spent together as a huge family. There were always so many people and so much food but it was nice to all be together. My paternal grandma passed when I was very little. I do remember her letting us get away with murder and always having candy. She also had a plate or mug from every US state. After she passed, I was given the plates and I can’t wait to put them up along with some of Granny’s dishes.

As a mother myself, I have learned a few things. First, I have learned that once you become a mother, your heart takes on a new role. It is filled with these little butterflies that flutter whenever you see those little eyes shining, or those big smiles or feel those sweet hugs, soft curls or sticky fingers. When I met my husband, I was sure I’d never love another human being as much as him. However, my heart has grown since having children. We like to call them drawers –  my heart has many drawers. One for my husband, drawers for my children, etc. I must say that the “kid drawer” is the most colorful and bright. I have learned through my struggles that I can and would do anything necessary for those sweet babies. There is nothing more important than their health and happiness. Each and every day they bring a new joy to my life. I know we have a long road ahead of us as they grow and new challenges occur but I can’t wait to see what their future holds. I once heard something about becoming a mother that I will never forget – I only wish I could remember where  heard it – “becoming a mother is realizing your heart will forever be outside your body.” Isn’t that the truth?!


To wrap it up, I hope you all enjoy today – mother’s or not. If you are celebrating with your mom today, whip her up these delicious Cinnamon Rolls from Kelly over at The Spunky Coconut. I just recently found her website and I LOVE it. When I saw this post, I immediately had to make these. They were free of all the foods I’m currently eliminating so it was perfect. Be sure to check out her other recipes and enjoy this one!

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