Halloween Ideas – part 2

Today was a bummer day for my little man. Most of the week he’s been feeling kind of yucky. I was desperately hoping it was just allergies – not so much. I picked him up yesterday with a high fever and a nasty cough. It proceeded to get worse and he was very puny. So unfortunately, he had to miss church. That started the tears last night….

This morning he literally hopped out of bed and says “I feel better! Where’s my costume?” See, today was the big Halloween party at his school. They have fall break tomorrow (Halloween day) and his has no school. Today, they had their costume parade, went trick-or-treating at the nursing home, dentist, bank, etc. Then of course they had their classroom party. My son was supposed to be the class helper – which is a huge deal in Kindergarten. We also were the “treaters”. Unfortunately, his efforts of feeling better didn’t work – still a fever and I decided a trip to Urgent Care was now our new plan for the day. He was absolutely devastated. I’m talking tears, all morning. I couldn’t decide if he was crying because he felt so bad or because he was so disappointed. Since we were treaters, I had to drop off class treats on the way to the doctor. He had to see all his friends skipping to school in their costumes. Luckily his teacher and class helped him out – they saved him some party food and treats. After watching him cry the entire 30 minute drive to the doctor, I promised him we would have our own “Sick Day Halloween Party”. However, these ideas aren’t just for sick kids, you could do this any time for Halloween. Here’s what we did:

  1. First, we got dressed up in our costumes – my son aka “Leonardo”, my bubble bee daughter and I did throw together a makeshift cowgirl costume (no pictures allowed :)). We went outside to take pics with our painted pumpkins and then paraded around the house in our outfits.


2. The kids did some little coloring crafts while watching  some Halloween cartoons.


3. We had a little Halloween dinner party when my husband got home. It included: Mummy Quesadillas, Gooey Worms (aka Mac & Cheese), Spider Cupcakes, Fruit Salad Jack-o-Lanterns, chips/salsa, pickles, etc.


To make the mummy quesadillas, all you have to do is place a tortilla shell on a griddle. Throw some cheese and other desired ingredients on top. Cut olives to make eyes. Cut another tortilla shell into little strips, multiple sizes, and layer over the cheesy shell. Keep warm on the griddle until cheese has melted.

To make the fruit salad jack-o-lanterns: cut the top off of an orange and carefully cut out the orange segments. Using a sharp knife, cut out a face or whatever you’d like. Fill the oranges with chopped fruit.

Overall, the day was rough but I think little man did have a good day. He said he loved the party. I know it wasn’t the same as he would have had with his friends, but hopefully he’s better tomorrow! Maybe you can use some of these ideas for your party!



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