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blogger badge  copyOh friends, do I have exciting news for you?! I will be a member of the blogger team for the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo in Dallas, TX! I feel very blessed to be apart of the expo and also to be given the opportunity to share it with all of you! In addition, there will be a giveaway very soon relating to this expo!! Stay tuned for those details in the next couple days but for now here’s the details on the expo!


It will be held in Dallas, Texas at the Dallas Market Center on Saturday and Sunday, November 15-16, 2014. Each day, the expo will run from 9am-3pm. Right now, tickets are available at the early bird price (fees included) of $13.65 for adults (one day) and $3.10 for kids (one day). Ticket prices will go up on October 31 so get yours early!!! If you’d like to purchase your tickets in advance, click here and just enter the code EARLYBIRD (for adults) and EARLYKIDS (for children)! Tickets will also be sold at the door if the event doesn’t sell out.

So, why should you go?!

1.) Several classes and presentations related to following a gluten/allergy free diet. I am really excited about hearing from Betty Murray and her discussion on how gluten affects autoimmune conditions, leaky gut, etc. Since this is and will be a struggle for me personally, I’m always looking to gain better knowledge of how to handle it. Also, there are other presenters to discuss gluten-free baking, children with allergies, etc. For a complete list of presentations, click here.

2.) There will be TONS of vendors at the expo. When I say TONS, I mean TONS. Here’s a brief list of the vendors that I’m at least familiar with: Enjoy Life, Arbonne, Bakery on Main, Bob’s Red Mill, Chebe, Crunchmaster, Earth Balance, Young Living, Glutino, Ian’s and oh so many more. Coming from such a small community where many of these vendors are not available, I’m excited to learn about other products that are available for those with food allergies or sensitivities. For a complete list of vendors, click here.

3.) The information and company will be great. Food allergies/sensitivities are popping up everywhere. Let’s be honest: I, myself, was eating whatever I wanted just 2 years ago and had my whole life. Since learning of my health problems and the correlation to them with food, I have drastically changed my lifestyle and I am constantly looking to gain more knowledge relating to this allergy free diet. Whether you are just wanting to give gluten-free diets a try or you have an extreme need to change your diet for your health, this is the expo for you. Plus, you will be surrounded by people looking for the same things – better alternatives for an allergy free lifestyle.

I first heard about this expo early this year and I immediately told my husband that I wanted to go. Sure, Dallas is a good 6 hour drive from Southeast Kansas but I feel that it is worth it. I am very much looking forward to spending that weekend in Downtown Dallas gaining valuable knowledge and interacting with these vendors. I hope you will join me!

Again, if you’d like to purchase tickets, click here. And don’t forget – be on the lookout for a giveaway very soon!!!

God bless!

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