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Part of my task of being a “blogger” is to do a lot of research. I don’t like sharing any info with you until I’ve done my homework to make sure it fits the values of this blog. In doing this research, I have come across so many great resources, companies, other bloggers, etc. So when I find something I LOVE, I have to share it with you!

Today, I wanted to let you know about Bloom Naturals. Bloom Naturals creates natural, organic skincare using fresh plant oils, butters and extracts. There is no preservatives, alcohol, gluten, fillers, water, emulsifiers – just natural ingredients. As someone who has become an expert label reader, I LOVE that Bloom uses ingredients that are easy-to-read and recognizable. In addition, their prices are very competitive to other similar products in the market.

bloom naturals

This week, I let you in on the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle that is on sale now Рblog post here, email detail here. Bloom Naturals is including a great bonus offer for those who purchase the bundle! You can get a FREE spot Treatment for Acne or Eczema or a $15 Gift Cert! Click here for the bundle!

I actually got The Cure-A System (for acne) to get me started with Bloom. One word – AMAZING! The system comes with Cure – an blend of oils used to hydrate skin with very mild smelling ingredients. It also comes with Wash – made with honey, tea tree oil and lavender. It is also mild and soft in smell and texture but it does provide a very refreshing, tingling feel when used. Finally, the Spot treatment roll-on is also a great blend of oils like oregano and lavender to help soothe and help get rid of bacteria. The oregano scent is strong but it also works. As Bloom suggests, use this at night before bed and you won’t notice the bold smell. It wasn’t a bad smell – I just have a highly sensitive nose! My favorite product is the Wash – that honey and oil blend is really great.


Whether you take advantage of the great offer with the bundle or not, look into Bloom Naturals. They have other products as well that I’m anxious to try!


If you ever run across any products you think my readers would like – let me know so I can check them out to review!


*Disclaimer:  As a contributor to Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, I have the potential to make commission off any sales through these affiliate links. As always, any proceeds go to support the efforts of this blog.*

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