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As most of you know, my story is a rather long and frustrating one. I’ve spent countless hours in doctor’s appointments, hospital rooms, etc. only to leave with disappointing or very little information.

When I was in Dallas, I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Lawrence Hoberman, a board certified gastroenterologist who is making great strides with regards to helping those with GI issues like Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) as well as gut bacterial imbalances, etc. Through his years of research and knowledge, he acknowledged the potential for patients to see benefits from the addition of a probiotic supplement so he created one!

EndoMune is a very advanced probiotic formula designed to create a healthy intestinal balance of bacteria. EndoMune Advanced for Adults and Endomune Advanced Junior are the only two probiotics that have been developed by a board certified gastroenterologist. The probiotic formulas contain multiple strains of healthy probiotic bacteria. Another great aspect to EndoMune is it is allergy friendly: it is dairy-free, Non-GMO, gluten-free, certified Kosher and contains no artificial colorings or preservatives.

I’ve been taking probiotics for over 3 years now. Not only are probiotics and healthy bacteria essential for gut health, but it is also benefit to other parts of the body. Immune system function is affected by beneficial bacteria as well as absorption of nutrients. They can also help with allergies, traveler’s diarrhea, intestinal inflammation, etc.
Since beginning my probiotic supplements, I’ve tried several different brands. Some are very comparable in price but I really pay attention to quality. When I first discovered EndoMune, I was a little skeptical but as with any products I find, I thoroughly researched and tried EndoMune.

My results have been very positive. EndoMune doesn’t have any adverse tastes or symptoms. As I mentioned, it is allergy friendly which is very important. In addition, the Adult Formula contains 10 different strains of bacteria; the most I’ve ever seen in a probiotic. Earlier I mentioned the Junior formula – yes, that’s right – a version for kids. With the colder seasons approaching, I wanted to make sure my kids immune systems were strong – not only for them, but also to help with my own (if they aren’t bringing all that home, I stay healthier too!). Before I gave them the EndoMune Junior chewable tablets, I had to try them myself. They are very mild in flavor and actually taste very good – much better than most of the children’s chewable vitamins.

EndoMune also has a powdered supplement that is GREAT for mixing in smoothies, cereals, yogurt, etc. It doesn’t change the flavors and the kids don’t even notice it. I’m able to give them added healthy bacteria to support their bodies, without them even knowing it.

Overall, I really like the formula created by Dr. Hoberman and his team. They have provided so much backing for their products as well as comparisons to other similar brands. For example, the cost for EndoMune is directly comparable to other popular brands BUT provides twice as much bacteria with 10 times the strains in the same serving. Here’s more information from their website on product comparison. In addition, if you ever get the chance to list to Dr. Hoberman speak or provide information, I highly suggest it. He is very informative and helpful in his education to patients and people in general.

As with anything regarding health supplements, I suggest asking your healthcare provider  before beginning a new one. If you are interested in learning more about EndoMune or decide you want to give it a try for yourself or your family, click here for more information.

If you have any questions about my experiences with EndoMune or if I can help provide further insight, please don’t hesitate to ask!

*Disclaimer: EndoMune provided samples for me to try in return for honest feedback. As always, I never share anything that I haven’t tried and don’t think would be beneficial for you.*

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