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Hello friends!

If you’ve never read My Story, you should check it out. It is absolutely crazy to think this blog has been going for over a year and that in that time, I finally had some answers to my problems. In December 2013, I found out that I had an autoimmune condition. Other doctors had speculated but it was finally confirmed at that time. I was so happy at the time to finally have a clue as to what was wrong with me. It was also disheartening to realize that I had spent SO much time and money on traditional medicine that didn’t help me and in some cases actually made my problems worse. Now looking back, I should have probably been a little more anxious about what this diagnosis would entail. I never dreamed that I’d be on a baby food diet, I’d have to give up what seemed like all of my favorite foods and that I would constantly be fighting the world around me in order to keep me healthy. It’s has and will always be a challenge.

However, my health has been a real eye opener. I’m much more conscious about what we eat, drink, play with, clean with, etc. I pay attention to health articles and watch for new nutrition guidelines. I am excited to share with you a link to a FREE seminar discussing the Evolution of Medicine. The entire summit is online from Sept 8-15, 2014 and each presentation is available to watch at your convenience. I hope you’ll join me in learning more about how our health needs are changing and how the professionals are prepared to handle it. I’m very much interested in what these health professionals have to say and hope that you will gain some valuable insight as well. Click the link below to get registered!

Evolution of Medicine Summit Registration

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