Easy Breakfast Sandwich

Here’s our post wedding breakfast – and one of my son’s favorite! This is quick and easy enough for a weekday breakfast. You can also make these ahead of time and either freeze or refrigerate them. Much healthier than the store bought sandwiches or fast food! Makes 1 sandwich

1 breakfast roll (English muffin, biscuit or roll – I used a GF Against the Grain artisan roll)

1 egg
1 slice of cheese
1 thin slice of turkey or ham

  • Cut the breakfast roll in half and lightly toast each side. In a skillet, cook egg, breaking the yolk halfway through cooking.
  • Flip egg and cook the other side. You can also use a circular egg cooker (to make a perfect circle egg for your sandwich).
  • Warm the turkey or ham slices in the skillet also.
  • On one half of the toasted roll, place cheese slice, egg and meat slice. Top with other half of roll and serve.

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