Day 8 of the 12 Days of Giving

Over the last couple years, our faith has significantly grown. Most of the time I attribute my health and the support of my husband and kids for that growth. However, there’s one other person who has also helped tremendously. That person is our priest, Fr. Chrys. He became the priest here when I was in 4th grade I believe. He left for a while but came back and has been a huge impact on our family. He has baptized both kids and just baptized my husband last year. He is a great man. He is from Burma, where he has an orphanage that he visits yearly and supports from the US. He has a heavy accent but honestly, I don’t hardly notice it anymore. My husband began going to church with us when we first started dating. At first, he didn’t like it because he couldn’t understand him so he didn’t get anything out of it. Now, he doesn’t want to attend Mass by anyone else. He is honest, trusting, loving and very competitive. That is why this year, instead of giving him food gifts like usual, we gave him a sports gift. He has taken up golf so we decided to get him some golf balls and a pair of golf gloves. Honestly, I know nothing about golf but I assume if I was to take it up, I would lose a lot of golf balls. He will love it as he loves everything he is given. He is the priest for four parishes so we have Mass on Saturday night. He frequently asks about my health and helps me prayer for better days. Just last night he reminded me of how blessed we are… blessed, not lucky. He also said “Love can overcome anything. Prayer can overcome anything.” He is so right… I dread the day that man retires but know that he will always be in our hearts!

wed fr chrys

Day 8 of family time:

We love picnics but rarely have them. Obviously, it is difficult to have picnics in the middle of winter but today, we decided to have a Christmas picnic indoors for our family time. It was simple foods that were easy to eat on the floor. We sat in front of the Christmas tree and had a great time. Believe it or not, there weren’t many messes either! We had some turkey roll-ups (just turkey, cheese, mayo, cucumbers and tomatoes), gluten-free pretzels, a few candies and Santa hats. The Santa hats turned out so cute and easy. I used a melon baller and made “honeydew Santa heads”. I made the hat rim out of a banana slice, topped that with a strawberry and the hat ball was either a mini marshmallow or a smaller banana piece. Super cute and easy. For dinner we made Olaf pizza – a recipe out of our new Disney Christmas Cookbook – check it out! A Merry Christmas Cookbook


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