Day 7 of the 12 Days of Giving

I love the farmer’s market. I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to do a few demonstrations in Webb City and Pittsburg. The atmosphere is great and we always have a good time. Plus, I’m all about supporting local businesses and craftsmen. Today, my family and I gave away homemade Christmas ornaments to all the children in attendance (and maybe a few adults :)). I posted the recipe for the ornaments earlier – here’s the post. These ornaments are so easy and kid friendly. Two simple ingredients and a little time to roll out the dough and cut it. Then you have cute, scented ornaments that last for years. We’ve made them several times and my kids love it. Plus they make great gifts. We were able to give over 60 ornaments with recipes included. We had such a good time and I love participating in the market. I hope to be able to do more demos in the future! During the winter season, Webb City has their winter market that features local artisans of many sorts. Today, we purchased some soaps from Odd Duck Soaps – you need to check them out, the soaps are wonderful! We also were able to still get some produce (lettuce, kale, cabbage and cauliflower). A local candy company sold some candy canes – of course my son picked the biggest one. There were so many other crafts, foods, samples and great Christmas music! Santa even showed up for pictures! A great time was had by all!


Day 7 of family time:

Today’s family time was so fun. Sure, the other days have been fun too but we frequently have movie night or play games and every night we read books so those days weren’t really out of the ordinary. Today, we had a treasure hunt! I had a little help from Sully/Elfie/Selfie, our elf, while we were at the farmer’s market. He helped me hide clues all over the house. Basically, we took a couple of the kids’ favorite toys and hid them in our bonus room upstairs in their play tent. My son’s stuffed Santa toy had a few candies in his pack too. We had 10 clues to help us find their toys. Here are our clues:

1. Santa has to have this with his cookies! (milk in fridge)

2. Maybe in here you can find Santa’s reindeer a treat! (pantry)

3. After delivering presents all night, Santa’s clothes are quite a sight! Where do you clean yours? (washer)

4. Santa’s friend, the Tooth Fairy, will leave you treasures here. (under pillow)

5. Santa knows when you leave out your socks! Where should you put the dirty ones? (laundry basket)

6. Everyone has to do this before going to bed so you don’t have stinky breath (even Santa!). (brush teeth)

7. Santa and I think your tree is beautiful – can you find my favorite ornament? (Santa ornament on tree)

8. Us elves really like to watch videos, like “What does the Fox say?” Where do you watch them? (laptop)

9. Your mom likes to wrap presents, how does she get to her paper? (the stairs)

10. Last clue! I think your things wanted to play hide-and-seek. Mickey is helping them! (in their Mickey Mouse tent)


My son loved it! My daughter loved the candy… We will be doing many more of these as we had a blast!


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