Day 7 of the 12 Days of Giving – letters to family

So today’s “gift” is a non-monetary, heart filled gift, straight from the innocence of a child. My son wanted to do something for some of his favorite people. I thought we’d put together some letters. For Father’s Day one year, I did this for Caleb. I put together a little questionnaire and his answers were so cute and funny. I thought it would be cute for Christmas too. I won’t post the exact letters because our family members haven’t received them yet and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. All I did was think of a few questions that he could answer honestly. Some were related to Christmas, others were not. His answers were truly honest, all his own and so sweet. When kids are that age, they say whatever they think, as silly or as funny as it may be. Their innocence is so amazing sometimes. It’s easy to forget they are just children but this little project brought joy to us and I’m sure it will bring even more joy to the recipients. Below are a few questions that you could use for ideas. Really any type of question or thought can be put on to paper. You could even just ask them what they want to write to their person. Kids can talk about anything; I’m sure they’ll think of something to say! If you happen to do this, let me know what some of your questions/answers are! It would be fun to share!
“The soul is healed by being with children…”
What is ____’s favorite color?
What is _____’s favorite thing to do?
What does _____ do for fun?
Why do you always want to go see _____?
What is your favorite thing about _____?
If you could do anything for ____, what would it be?

What would _____ ask from Santa for Christmas?

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