Day 6 of the 12 Days of Giving – Daycare & Free Store

There are times that I realize my children are very spoiled. Sure I like to blame it on the grandparents (who do a great job of spoiling) but we are also to blame. When my son was a baby, I must have bought every outfit I saw for him to wear. We didn’t have much money then so I’m not sure how we afforded it all but it was ridiculous. We had a garage sale, I’ve given clothes away to friends, donated them and I STILL have so many boy clothes! You’d think my daughter would have too much but her amount is fairly reasonable. The problem is not just clothes, but toys too. My son has every tiny little cheap toy you can think of and my daughter just refuses to play with hers. She prefers toilets or trashcans and the pantry items. She’s out of control. Anyway, we’ve started storing the older toys that don’t get played with as much and they haven’t missed one toy. So instead of just hoarding these barely used toys and clothes, we decided to donate them to the local free store. There’s really no sense in these boxes just taking up space – especially when I know they will be get MORE toys and clothes next week. My mom has a daycare so we are also going to be taking some toys there so she can rotate them out every once in a while too. I really thought my son would be more upset about this but he wasn’t. Obviously, he didn’t care about the clothes are working on being too small anyway but he wasn’t upset about the toys either. Some toys he said were “silly baby toys” anyway. I admit, I’m part of the problem. I keep everything…. I mean everything. My son had these toys that I thought “oh my gosh, we have to keep that. He smiled for the first time playing with that.” or “Remember this one?? He did this… or that…” Whatever the case was, I apparently thought it was a momentous occasion in our lives and we HAD to keep that toy. I’ve gotten over that – somewhat. It was tough, but those bags and bags of baby clothes and toys are finally going. Of course, I kept some of his favorite things and outfits (too many I’m sure) but the rest I’m ready to part with… I think. 

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