Day 6 of the 12 Days of Giving

Today is the last day of school before Christmas break. My sweet little bookworm will miss school but he’s very much looking forward to his Christmas party today. They get to wear their PJs, watch Polar Express, eat Pizza Hut pizza (it’s not allowed at our house BUT he begged to get to eat it at school so I caved), drink cocoa and get to have a book exchange. That kid loves books.

day 61

Today’s gifts go to a couple special people at the school that my son wanted to give something to. There are SO many people at school that he just loves – music teacher, PE teacher, all the Kindergarten teachers, lunch people, office staff. He talks about them all and they are all very helpful. They all deserve a gift in my book but this year we chose two recipients. His first teacher and the crossing guard at the school. We wrote them both a poem and included a few little gifts. Mr. Steve, the crossing guard, makes sure all the parents, buses and especially kids are safe before andt after school. He’s out there in rain, snow, bitter cold, scorching heat, etc. He always greets the children and parents as well – I’ve never not seen a pleasant smile from his face. Here’s his poem:

“Tis the season of giving, did you hear? We decided to give to you, as you always show such cheer! You always keep us safe, especially around the bus. So we hope you have breakfast, lunch, or dinner on us! It is the season of giving thanks, especially to you. Thank you so much for all that you do!”

With the poem, we included a Sonic gift card, some candies, instant coffee and packs of Hot Hands warmers.

For his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. G, we also wrote a poem :

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It is the season of giving, did you hear? Teachers are special, nice and sweet. We think you are pretty neat! You help teach us what we need to know, so off to first grade we can go. These treats are for you to enjoy in thanks for making me a smart boy. It is the season of giving thanks, especially to you. Thank you so much for all that you do!”

We also made her a little coaster and my son colored her a coffee mug. He insisted on drawing a sock monkey – which he said is her favorite thing. It was cute! We filled it with lemonade mix, coffee, tea, candies and gum. He was so excited to give it to her and was being so careful with it in his backpack. However, he left it in the car and ran inside. Luckily, Mr. Steve was there to save the day and take him his backpack!

The poems are a little cheesy but my son is very much into rhyming words… let’s just say our other options weren’t as good 🙂


Day 6 of family time:

This year we are doing the Elf on the shelf thing and it’s going well. My daughter is a little skeptical of him and he has several names. Originally, his name was Elfie but then we decided as a family that Sully was better. However, my daughter has combined the two and created Selfie. It’s hilarious listening to her wake up and yell “Where’s my Selfie?!” Anyway, last night Selfie decided to sneak Day 6 gifts into the kids’ stockings. Tonight is movie night – Polar Express and Elf. My son got to watch Polar Express at school today so we may do a substitute movie. Either way, there’s sure to be snuggles, sleepy heads/drool and probably popcorn crumbs in the couch. That’s just fine by me! 🙂

day 6

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