Day 5 of the 12 Days of Giving

Since I left my job 8 weeks ago, I have learned a few things. First, relaxing at home is at lot harder than I planned. This is mostly my fault. I have spent YEARS juggling a million things at once so I’ve kind of tried to fill that void with silly tasks – I’m a work in progress. Second, being a stay at home mom is harder than I thought. My children have been sick the first 7 weeks I’ve been home. Literally, this is the first week that no one has been to the doctor. We’ve had colds, possible strep, pink eye, sinus infections, weird kid rashes, nasty tummy stuff, etc. My kids were seriously NEVER sick. I think my son has been to the doctor (not including shots or checkups) maybe twice and once was for a spider bite. That’s it. It’s been crazy. Third, I have no idea how I managed to work, be a mom, be a wife, be a friend and try to get better. I must have been on autopilot and my husband must have done the housework after my autopilot batteries ran out. I honestly can’t believe that we managed working so much and having a family.

That brings us to day 5 of giving. Everyone works in some way – yes, all you stay at home moms/dads too! Whether it’s at the office, on a jobsite, at a restaurant, hospital, school, at home, etc. We all have a job to do and we all have a life outside of that. Everyone is trying to juggle something. There are definitely many people who help us while they are working that I know we take advantage of. Everything we do is because someone did their job that day. Today, we wanted to (hopefully) bring a smile to a few people who maybe don’t get a “thanks” that often (at least from us). We made little goodie boxes – full of some homemade candies (all from this blog post here!). Here’s who got the gifts: We left one box for the city crew who picks up our trash on Wednesdays. We left one in the mailbox for our mail lady. We also left one on the porch for our favorite UPS man, Tom. That guy is at our house a lot! I feel like I should tell him that I buy a lot of my food/vitamins online – I really don’t have a shoe or clothing fetish. These are just a small group of people who help us out – maybe eventually we’ll get around to returning the favor! 🙂


For Day 5 of family time, we didn’t really get a “gift” today. My son was a little confused and possibly disappointed. He expected a new book or game. Today, we simply got a bag of little treats (half came from the pantry and there’s no fooling that boy). I saw a cute idea for making a popcorn garland with some little candies. Cute idea but totally impractical – we’d never get anything strung up for garland. So we modified the idea a little and decided to make a Winter Snack Bowl. It included plain, popped popcorn (we have this awesome popper!), gum drops, m&m’s and marshmallows. We snacked on it while playing a round of Battleship. By “we snacked” I mean my son and husband. I can’t eat those things and my daughter refused to eat her dinner so no snacks for her – yes, rules are required at Christmas! It was fun but it’s obvious that my husband is a Battleship master or my son and I are absolutely terrible. I’m leaning towards the latter…. but rematch tomorrow!!!


Also – I have been asked a lot how things are going with me since I’m not working. As I mentioned above, it hasn’t been really “stress-free” but I do love it. I have missed out on so much since I started this lengthy journey over 4 years ago. It’s hard to realize how much I missed but it is also nice to get a fresh start. As far as my health, it’s kind of at a standstill. I’ve had some improvements and some regression/setbacks and some lack of progress in areas. There’s a strong possibility for more testing in the new year but I’m trying to stay positive. Overall, I feel somewhat better and I’ve gained a little weight so I was expecting better news with my December appointment. However, we’ve made it this far so we must keep trucking along. I love the doctor team at KU Med Center and I trust them whole heartedly. The good news is that after the holidays, I can start adding back in foods and see how that goes. Today I actually ate a lettuce wrap – yes raw, uncooked lettuce. I haven’t had that since March! I’ve been adding more solid foods lately and that seems to be going well. Fingers crossed that things stay on the right track with food reintroduction! I’m thankful for the chance to be at home with my babies and to try and heal. I’m so very nervous about our future but it’s in God’s hands and I know he will take care of us! Thank you all for your concern, thoughts and prayers with my health.

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