Day 5 of the 12 Days of Giving – Food Pantry

Ok – I have to be honest today. Today was supposed to be caroling with our church kids. I teach 2nd grade and Lane is in the Pre-K class. We were so looking forward to it. I don’t think I’ve been caroling. I really love seeing all the kids together and having fun. I’m so thankful they let me help out. My body had different ideas which don’t involve being outdoors or around children. I’ve had a nasty cold since before Thanksgiving. One round of meds didn’t work so a trip to Urgent Care was my afternoon. Two meds later, I’m at home with a fever.  Wash your hands people, there is nasty crud going around! 
Anyway – I had to move up a plan for today’s day of giving. Today has turned into food pantry day. My son had a hard time understanding this. We always have food and it seems like we are always grocery shopping. We eat mostly raw, real food so we don’t have too many pantry items – only fresh fruits, veggies, etc. They don’t last long and are very perishable so we had to do some grocery shopping for the food pantry. Lane’s first choice should come as no surprise to those that know him – mac & cheese. Then he got some Kool-Aid, fruit snacks, hot cocoa, cereal, stuffing mix, some soups, canned veggies and fruit. I mean really – I think he hit the essentials 🙂 We got a large amount of stuff and I think my son understands a little better that he should be thankful for what we have. He may hate asparagus and give me the stink eye when I make him eat it, but at least he has fresh foods to eat! I must say it was odd buying all of those things that we don’t eat anymore. I forgot how easy and convenient it is to buy a can of soup or a package of macaroni and cheese. Either way – I hope it helps someone! 

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