Day 3 of the 12 Days of Giving

Holy cow – these days are going by quick – single digit countdown until Christmas!?!?! Today is another great day for giving and for food… here’s why!

It’s pretty obvious – cooking is my thing and I love it. I don’t call it a hobby anymore, it’s more of my life 🙂 I’m so grateful I get to spend my days throwing together dishes for my family, even if it is with a heavily restricted diet. It’s challenging and I like that! However, there are many other challenges that are associated with food….. like not having enough of it. Today’s gift from the Stultz clan is simple – giving to our local food pantry. I’ll be honest though – typically we go through our pantry items to find things we don’t want or need. However, we are always short on non-perishable food items. We tend to have a lot of produce which is not exactly easy to give to a food pantry to store. So this year we went and purchased a few items that we used to love to eat – Spaghetti-O’s (guilty for me), soups, beans, rice, etc.


My parents always made sure we had food, even when times were hard. I remember eating the cheap boxed mac and cheese with hot dogs. It’s so funny how kids can pick out the cheap brands of foods. Regardless, I can now appreciate all the hard work they did to make sure our mouths were fed. I also understand how hard that could be. Food is expensive! I fully support these local food pantries in helping community members have a decent meal!

Day 3 of family time:

Today was quite possibly my favorite gift 🙂 as it involves food!! I found the cutest little cookbook. It is the Disney’s A Merry Christmas Cookbook and it features lots of cute recipes featuring our favorite Disney characters. For breakfast we made the “Rolly’s Spotted Cranberry Pancakes” and for dinner we will be making “Wreck-It-Ralph’s Smashed Potatoes”. It also has “Woody’s Cowboy Chili” “Pooh Bear’s Mini Honey Buns” and “Anna’s Frozen Ice Candy”. I’m so happy to have found this cookbook for us. We will still have to modify the recipes some, but we are so excited to try them all!



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