Day 3 of the 12 Days of Giving – the greatest woman I know (aka Mom or Grammie)

Today was a big day for us. We got my test results back and headed up to KU bright and early this morning – more on that later. I hope that each and every one of you have a person you can rely on; a person you can turn to for help or guidance; a person who loves you unconditionally; a teacher; a friend; an inspiration; a hard worker. I have been blessed with someone like that – my mom. Today (just like any other day we need), she woke up early (even though she didn’t feel good) and got ready to watch my kids for the day. She greeted us with a warm smile and instantly snuggled my sleepy daughter who was still in her jammies. She had the house tidy ready to go for the busy day. My son went to his typical spot, found an acceptable TV show and made himself at home. I don’t need to tell her what they need for the day, she knows. They love her, she loves them – we all love her. She may be a dedicated daycare provider but to them she’s always “Grammie”. Recently there have been many moments that I just feel like I can’t go anymore and I don’t even have to tell her what I’m going through. She gets me and understands. I love her for that. She’s always there when I need her and she’s the same way with my children and all her grandchildren for that matter. When we were putting together our list of people to help, I asked my son who he wanted to do something nice for. He said “Grammie”. I was happy he chose her; not that she needed help but just to do something nice for her. We know she takes good care of all of us and we need to do something nice for her to say thanks. My son found this little brownie kit that you can cook a small brownie in a cast iron skillet. He thought she’d love it because she “cooks good food.” He also found a little mini Christmas tree. He said “she’ll love that because it’s a plant and it’s Grammie Green.” Her favorite color is green. It wasn’t the gifts for her he picked out that made me proud; it was that he picked gifts especially for her with careful thought and consideration that made me proud. She deserves so much more than a little brownie and mini tree but I hope she always knows how important she is to us all!

Lane’s lovely gift 🙂
My beautiful mother

The best guy I know at the med center walkway
On a side note, I’m also so thankful for my husband. He took off work to drive me to KC to the doctor so we could get another set of long awaited test results. I’ve noticed he’s been getting impatient like me but he tries not to show it. Today we finally got some answers. It only took 4 doctors, 3 different hospitals and several tests that I don’t really care to refresh my memory on. After a LOT of lab work, we have found that I have a Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. Long story short – this has caused a lot of problems in my GI tract. Basically my body is damaged and overtime has created inflammation and other sensitivities to food. The list is massive and a little overwhelming but the main culprits right now are gluten (obviously), dairy, egg, oats, rice, onions, tomatoes, beef, etc.. the list that of things I’m actually tolerant to is probably smaller. However, I think the main problems are my nutrient deficiencies caused by this Non-Celiac sensitivity. My body is constantly fighting itself and I’m losing nutrients as fast as I can take them in. My results were low in almost vitamin/nutrient/mineral, etc. I will be starting supplements, meeting with a nutritionist in addition to my doctor, and IV/injection infusions. Believe it or not, a person’s magnesium levels can be so low that they need weekly injections – I started those today. I’ll also have a vitamin C infusion at my next visit since my body doesn’t have much ability to do anything, let alone fight off infections this time of year. It’s a lot to process. I had so many emotions today. When I first heard that diagnosis I wanted to cry tears of joy. I’ve spent so much time, money, energy on this problem and I was happy to have an answer. Then I got mad. I was mad about the time, money, energy and I found out that a lot of my previous efforts only hurt me worse. Then I was sad that it took so long to figure it out and that I had to go so far to find the source of my problems. Then I was thankful that God put me where I was as it has helped me grow and learn patience and understanding. Then I got scared. I’m scared as I know it’s a long road ahead and that it has gotten this bad. However, I feel like I’m in the right place and mindset now. I wasn’t a few months ago so that’s more reassuring. I can’t get better if I’m not in the right mindset to help myself. Plus I have a pretty awesome support system. Thank you to everyone who has sent a text, FB message, stopped by my office, asked how I’ve been feeling, etc. It’s so great to know you’ve got people who care! All in all – I feel it was a good day and I’m thankful for it all, especially my doctors and that wonderful guy I call my husband! If you pray – you can pray for our sanity (especially his) as we begin our new (more strict) diet plans and supplements. But- this too shall pass……

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