Day 2 of the 12 Days of Giving

Hello friends –

In case you missed it, last night I posted our 1st day of the 12 Days of giving and family time. We so enjoy this time of year and helping others. If you have any ideas for giving, random acts of kindness, family time ideas, etc – please share!! We’re always looking for new ideas!

Today, our 2nd day of giving is one of my favorites. Each year, since my husband and I started college (2006), we have been buying gifts for the Salvation Army “Angels”. In more recent years, we have participated with our local Angel Tree operation that helps kids in our town. Basically, you choose an angel which represents a needy child or one that may not have Christmas. The kids/family leave a list of things they need or want.¬†Each year, the kids want to pick an angel that is similar to them – 6 yr old boy, 2 yr old girl, etc. This year, we chose a 5 year old boy, a 3 year old girl and a 12 year old girl. We tried to get everything on there lists and here’s what we came up with:

5 Boy : a Christmas outfit, socks, shoes, jacket, hat/gloves, Ninja Turtles, Hot Wheels cars, books

3 Girl: a Christmas outfit, socks, underwear, hat/gloves, jackets, Frozen stuff, My Little Pony’s,¬† books

12 Girl: a Christmas outfit, socks, shoes, jacket, scarf, perfume, headbands, nail polish, lotions, backpack

Plus each kid got a stocking that included popcorn, hot cocoa, candy, snacks.


Honestly, this year we seemed to have got more stuff and spent less. I used an awesome coupon at Old Navy to get some nice clothes on Thanksgiving weekend so we snagged a few deals. We had so much fun shopping for them. My little one was the only one to have a hard time not keeping the gifts… I think this is a great cause. In addition – my sweet boy gave some money from his allowance to his school as they were raising money for the KOAM tv Toy Box Campaign – which buys toys for the less fortunate. There are so many similar Christmas campaigns all over the country – I encourage you to find one you like and help others!

Day 2 of Family Time-

Last year, we opened a book on each of the 12 days. I really liked that but my kids’ favorite things are books so we have TONS. Like an entire bookshelf full of only children’s books and they always want more. Library time is probably my son’s favorite part of school. Anyway, I couldn’t justify having books each day and just having more pile up after reading them. SO, this year we are doing other things also.

Today, we opened a family game. It is called “Sum Swamp” and it is a board game that challenges your math skills (Addition/Subtraction) to win the game. It is a four-player game that is for ages 5+. Really, this is a great game for our son – I think he may be a math kid…. not surprising as his dad and I loved math too. Our daughter really just likes playing with the game pieces and dice (and annoying her brother). Regardless, it’s a good game that helps our son learn and spend time with his mom, dad and sister!

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