Day 11 of the 12 Days of Giving

Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year. Sure I love Christmas Day but the night before is really special to me. Typically, we do a lot of cooking/baking this day. However, I planned ahead (crazy I know). Today, we just got to eat, play, enjoy family time. I love sharing our baked goods with our family, friends and neighbors. So today, we gave the fruits of our hard kitchen work away! Prior to my food issues, I loved getting homemade goodies from neighbors and family. Not only is it a nice gesture, it is also fun to try foods we probably didn’t make before! Last year, one of our neighbors made us some fudge but it had candies and mini marshmallows in it. I had never seen fudge with stuff in it! We moved in June to a more secluded house. It is in town but on a more private street so we only have a few neighbors. We also had a family gathering today so we gave our neighbors and loved ones some fresh baked cookies, truffles, fresh bread, candies, etc. We loved baking the treats but also loved giving them!



20141224_204531Day 11 of family time:

Again, this is my favorite day. After the baking, giving, family time, we get to celebrate our Lord. As a family, we attend Mass. The church is usually full with families, children, and many guests. I love the atmosphere and message the evening Mass brings. After this, we drive around looking at Christmas lights. This year was especially fun as our little daughter notices things like that. She yelled at every house and also wished each one a “Merry Christmas”. When we got home, I forced them to take a few family photos by the tree – not a thrilling moment but we got one! We then opened our annual Christmas Eve box. This year it included a game (Don’t Spill the Beans), a book (Where the Sidewalk Ends), mugs and cups for Christmas beverages, socks/slippers, and Christmas pajamas. After everyone put on their jammies, we read “The Night Before Christmas” and set out Santa’s gluten free cookies and almond milk :). Now the kids are in bed and we have to help Santa get ready… enjoy your blessings readers, not only at Christmas but all year long. I know I’ll be enjoying mine and quickly falling asleep with a warm heart and big smile. I hope you all have a very blessed and wonderful Christmas.


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