Day 10 of the 12 Days of Giving

Today was the easiest day of our giving… no money required! Sometimes all someone needs is a simple smile. Everyone we encountered today, we just smiled and said hello. I guess I should rephrase that… my son doesn’t speak to anyone he doesn’t know very well so he didn’t say a word. Honestly, he probably stared at the ground most of the time. However, my sweet girl is very outgoing so she ate this up. To me, Christmas is about sharing, loving and enjoying family and friends. Each year, my parents ask me what I want for Christmas and each year it is the same answer. I do not need a gift. I just love spending time together as a family, even more so now that I have my own. I try to teach my children the importance of family, kindness and God during the holidays (and throughout the year). We can’t get everyone gifts for Christmas, but we can smile at them and we can pray for them. That is really the best gift of all. So today wasn’t a hard day that required any effort. It was a simple, rewarding day. Next time you are out, just smile – it may be all someone needs..










Day 10 of family time:

Children have short memories on some subjects I’ve learned. I don’t know how many times we’ve explained the reason for Christmas but each day they ask. Today, we opened a new book. It is called Christmas in the Manger. It is really cute and concisely explains the night of Christmas and the nativity. We have a little nativity and the kids love it but this book is really nice for them to look at and for us to talk about. We’ve actually read it twice today!



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