Dairy-Free London Fog Latte

Recently, I became aware of this drink called a London Fog at our favorite local coffee shop. Earl Grey is my favorite tea and I knew I had to create this dairy-free! Using coconut milk adds a rich texture and flavor but feel free to use whatever milk or cream you prefer! Makes 1 serving

6 oz hot water
1 Earl Grey tea bag
¼ cup coconut milk
¼ tsp vanilla
Honey as desired
Lavender flowers or oil if desired

Steep tea in water for about 3-5 minutes. Place the steeped tea, milk, vanilla, honey and optional lavender in a small saucepan. Heat until just starting to simmer. Remove from heat and whisk vigorously to create a frothy taste. Alternatively, you can steam the coconut milk in a frother and add to a cup full of remaining ingredients.

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