Cucumber Spring Rolls

These cute little guys are perfect for lunch or a snack. I get tired of eating salads for lunch at work so one day I decided to throw these rolls together. They turned out great. My son also enjoyed eating them as they were more “fun” than most of the things we have for lunch. Serve these with some ranch dressing or try my Asian Sesame dressing (found with this salad). They are also just fine by themselves. Depending on how thick you slice your cucumber, this makes about 6 rolls.

1 large cucumber

2 radishes
4 baby carrots
1/4 cup cabbage

  • Using a mandolin, slice the cucumbers lengthwise (about 1/8” thick). Discard the slices with a lot of seeds, if desired.
  • Chop radishes, carrots and cabbage into thin strips.
  • Place a slice of cucumber on a cutting board and sprinkle on radishes, carrots and cabbage.
  • Carefully roll up cucumber slice and secure with a toothpick.
    • Don’t fill the slices too thick or they won’t roll very well.

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