Pressure Cooker 5 Bean Chili

If you were gifted a pressure cooker this holiday season, put it to use with this easy and delicious recipe! Since I am Paleo most of the time, our chili doesn’t usually have beans- so if that’s you, check out the Paleo option at the end of the recipe! However, I decided to enjoy this Read More

Pressure Cooker Potato Salad

Where I’m from you can’t have a BBQ without potato salad. It’s like some unwritten rule from my mom or something. Seriously, her creamy potato salad was always a hit. She made hers from scratch and I would often help. I can still practically make the recipe from memory. What I do remember is the Read More

Italian Beef Soup

This easy soup is full of vegetables, flavor and comfort. Not only is this soup perfect on a cold day, but it also features a variety of foods and is very hearty and filling. The Italian spices round out the soup. Don’t forget to serve it with your favorite crusty bread or fresh Paleo biscuit! Read More

Swedish Meatballs

Short-cut Saturday: Freezer-Friendly & Slow-Cooker Option This is one of those ultimate comfort food dishes, yet it is tasty enough to feed guests. It also makes a great Sunday family dinner! This dish features savory meatballs with a creamy, sage sauce over garlic mashed turnips. The meatball mixture would go great over traditional mashed potatoes Read More

Spiced Butternuts & Pearls

Using the slow cooker for holiday meal prep helps free up the oven and lets me spend time on other dishes. This recipe can slow-cook all day and tastes great, without taking up oven or stove space. It is slightly spicy with a touch of sweetness. Great with holiday ham! Makes about 8 servings 4 Read More

Roasted Fennel Onion Soup

Fennel is one of my favorite comfort foods. I love fennel teas, fennel dressings, soups, etc. I really love roasted vegetable soups. Roasting adds just a little more flavor and texture to vegetables that you can’t get from a simple boil. I roasted the fennel and onions together for optimum flavor. I liked this soup Read More