Meal Plan 01/01/17

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope you all had a safe, enjoyable NYE and best wishes for a healthy, blessed 2017! What better way to start off the year with a little organization?? Quick story – before the bakery got started in 2016, I was a dedicated meal planner – every week, each meal and snack. It Read More

Meal Plan 08/22/16

Happy Monday friends – I don’t know about you… but in our ‘neck of the woods’ (aka SE Kansas), the weather was AMAZING this weekend! Seriously, highs in the upper 70s with a slight breeze and clear skies… makes me SO ready for Fall!  And on that note, we spent a lot of time working Read More

Meal Plan 08/15/16

It’s  back-to-school week in our area and I’m (oddly) excited to get back into a good routine for meals, homework, laundry, etc. Seriously, we’ve slacked off this summer and have just been ‘going with the flow’… which translates into craziness. I like structure…. and meal plans. So let’s get back into that routine! School lunches Read More

Meal Plan 06/27/16

Hi everyone! Hope you all have a fabulous Monday! I’m really going to try… it is my  birthday today after all 🙂 Seriously, each birthday gets a little more special… not because I’m getting older BUT because it’s another year spent with my favorites! There’s something about doctor’s putting a timeline in your life that Read More