Chicken Spinach Hot Pouch

I’m sure most of us have been there – or maybe still at that point. That point in your life when convenience foods trump healthy foods. I’ve eaten a few Hot Pockets in my day and this recipe is a re-do, healthified version. The filling ingredients are practically endless. I stuck to a tasty, easy Read More

Roasted Fennel Onion Soup

Fennel is one of my favorite comfort foods. I love fennel teas, fennel dressings, soups, etc. I really love roasted vegetable soups. Roasting adds just a little more flavor and texture to vegetables that you can’t get from a simple boil. I roasted the fennel and onions together for optimum flavor. I liked this soup Read More

Loaded Red Beans & Quinoa

This dish is like the ultimate protein powerhouse. Add some chicken and you’d be set! This is a great, hearty dish that can be featured as the main or as a side. To round out the traditional recipe, we added some onions, peppers and tomatoes for extra flavor. This is great served with tortilla chips, Read More

Back-To-School 2015

August is bittersweet for us: I love the fact that my babies get to keep learning and are excited for the upcoming school year BUT I hate that they leave me during the day. In addition – there’s always the fact that lives get busier, meals get thrown together and kids are TIRED. Most of Read More