Simple Sunday – Enjoy Life Minis

It’s no secret that we LOVE Enjoy Life Foods. Why? Because they use ingredients we can all enjoy. They are free of the top 8 major allergens – which makes things easy for us! Side note: My son just started a new school and his classroom (and most others) are completely peanut and nut (including Read More

Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

Prior to having severe dairy issues – I loved me some Chicken Caesar salad! Now, I’ve found a GREAT dairy-free option for Caesar dressing…. from Tessemae’s! I’ve expressed my sincere love for Tessemae’s before but it seriously just keeps getting better. This Caesar dressing has the right amount of spice and tanginess. I LOVE it Read More

Veggie Tot Patties

If you or your kids are like most people, vegetables aren’t your thing. I get it – my kids are NOT huge fans of veggies. They each have a favorite but getting them to eating something other than that is a task. Sometimes, it’s all about what you call it or how you present it. Read More

BBQ Lettuce Wraps

This is a quick and easy lunch option using a few simple leftovers. If you know you’ve got a busy week ahead, break out the slow cooker and make some Roasted Chicken. You can have a great meal plus some easy leftovers. This recipe uses some of that chicken and my favorite BBQ sauce with Read More

Crunchy Asian Chicken Salad

  Short-cut Saturday: Pre-cut Veggies One of our favorite chain restaurants in our small area was Applebee’s. It was one of the few places with friendly staff, reasonable prices and decent food. My favorite dish there was the Oriental Chicken Salad – the creamy dressing, crisp chicken and fresh greens were amazing! I always thought Read More