Cocoa No’Grola

Who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast?? I will NEVER tell you to forgo (healthy) chocolate at any time of day 🙂 This simple and easy No’grola (No-Oat-Granola) is so delicious. It goes perfect with some fresh berries and yogurt, a dash of almond milk or even warmed as more of an N’Oatmeal. This Read More

Nut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a wide variety of peanut butter cookie recipes that are all good but I don’t mind recreating them for different tastes and textures. This cookie might be our favorite. It is just slightly crunchy on the outside yet so soft on the inside. They are easy to make and keep well also. Sometimes Read More

Sweet & Salty Crunch Cookies

These little cookies are the perfect combo of sweet and salty. These don’t represent clean eating foods in any sense of the term but they are tasty – perfect for those “cheat” or “treat” days. These would also make great gifts. We made them for some friends as a special thanks for helping us during Read More

Cashew S’more Bars

These bars feature a soft, cookie crust with a sweet, vanilla marshmallow filling and topped with a crunchy cashew-chocolate ganache. It’s good enough to be served all year but is great in the fall, when smore’s are on everyone’s mind. Make these up quick and you won’t have quite the mess as with typical smores! Read More

Vanilla Chocolate Pudding Pie

You can ask anyone that truly knows me: chocolate is my weakness. Ask my mom what my favorite pies are and she’ll tell you Pumpkin & Chocolate Pudding. This version so closely resembles the pie she used to make me that it’s almost unbelievable. This version is dairy free, gluten-free and vegetarian! It’s really not Read More