Gluten-Free Kentucky Derby Pie

I was on the hunt for a new pie idea and ran across a recipe for Kentucky Derby Pie in one of my Grandma’s old cookbooks. The original recipe called for lard, corn syrup and other gunk SO I modified it to clean up the ingredients. Man oh man, this is a winner! I mean Read More

Vanilla Chocolate Pudding Pie

You can ask anyone that truly knows me: chocolate is my weakness. Ask my mom what my favorite pies are and she’ll tell you Pumpkin & Chocolate Pudding. This version so closely resembles the pie she used to make me that it’s almost unbelievable. This version is dairy free, gluten-free and vegetarian! It’s really not Read More

Molasses Apple Pie Cookies

Someone I know used to say, “If you don’t like apple pie, you are Un-American.” That person also said the same thing about biscuits and gravy, hot dogs and Bud Light. I’m not sure that is true BUT I think everyone should like apple pie… just because it’s delicious! I’ve seen a few Pinterest posts Read More

Black Forest Tart

This tart is full of fresh summer fruits – featuring rhubarb, cherries and blueberries. Typically, a black forest dish is made with chocolate and cherries but I felt that adding the extra rhubarb and blueberries gave a nice round flavor and provided extra nutritional value with the variety. Honestly, this filling would also make the Read More

Pie In A Jar

Let’s face it: everyone loves pie. Okay, I don’t KNOW everyone but everyone that I DO know, loves pie. I’m talking pie in any form…. shake form, pudding form, frozen, baked, raw, savory, sweet… any kind. My favorite baked pie is probably apple – good ol’ classic. My husband LOVES coconut cream. My other favorite Read More