Super Simple Peach Cobbler

It might already be Fall officially but some of us are still trying to hold on to those fresh summer flavors…. like peaches! This peach cobbler recipe features juicy  fresh peaches (although frozen would work fine) plus a combination of Paleo-friendly flours to make this a nutritious, grain-free treat! Not only that, but it tastes Read More

Pumpkin Pie Dip

You know those cute little fruit dips that are great for those pumpkin spice lovers…. even served in a pumpkin? Yeah…. those that are also made with dairy, soy, etc?  Okay… this is NOT that. No, no, no…. THIS….. this is good and full of healthy, natural ingredients. It’s very simple to make and goes Read More

Easy Caramel Sauce

It’s definitely time for a new recipe and this one is so EASY! Just 5 total ingredients!!!!! Caramel sauce is just an overall great treat – like the dessert version of ketchup 😉 Seriously, it’s great on brownies, ice cream, fruit.. I could go on and on… If you’ve ever checked out a jar of Read More

Triple Berry Crisp

Fruit crisps don’t have to be complicated or require a ton of ingredients. This crisp features a blend of my favorite berries topped with an easy, crunchy almond flour crumb. Makes about 8-10 servings   1 cup fresh blackberries 1 cup fresh blueberries 1 cup fresh raspberries 1 cup fresh, chopped pineapple 1 cup almond Read More

Almond Butter Swirl Ice Cream

This ice cream dish is delicious… especially the chocolate swirl mixed into the almond butter. There are so many ice cream makers available. I like ones that are easy to use and fast. No one wants to wait hours for ice cream. I like this one – but there are a ton available on Amazon. Read More

Wellness Wednesday – Berry Apple Pear Sauce

Wellness Wednesday – Berry Apple Pear Sauce Having a variety of desserts available is necessary for sanity reasons. However, you don’t have to go straight to the cookies, cakes or brownies all the time. This version of applesauce is very flavorful and great to satisfy that sweet tooth without the guilt. Makes about 8 servings Read More