National Donut Day Round-up

I’ll be honest: having days to celebrate certain foods seems a little silly BUT who doesn’t love a day designated to donuts? 🙂 Here’s a round up of all my donut recipes. If you can’t make them today, whip them up tomorrow for a great Saturday morning breakfast or brunch! Gluten-Free Glazed Donuts Grain-Free Vegan Read More

Gluten Free Glazed Donuts

A couple weeks ago, I had a giveaway. In order to enter, contestants had to tell me a recipe they wanted me to recreate or try to make. I got a lot of great suggestions but this one was especially encouraging to me. On Wednesdays, I help teach at our local Catholic church. I teach Read More

Berry Sweet Cinnamon Rolls

These are just beautiful… and they taste AMAZING too! What’s even better? They are Paleo friendly, gluten free, grain free, dairy free, egg free with no artificial sweeteners or food coloring. They are the cleanest cinnamon rolls I’ve made to date and I’ve made a lot of cinnamon rolls. These are great for any time Read More

Cranberry Pistachio Scones

Christmas Eve…. it always happens so fast!!! This is quite possibly my favorite day of the year. I love birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas but Christmas Eve takes the cake. Here’s why: we usually have one Christmas gathering to attend so the kids get a little pre-party before the big day. I’m usually baking of some sort Read More

Savory Sage Bread

I’d love to be that mom that makes everything from scratch… all the time. I like to think that I’m pretty good at that but NOT perfect. We love bread – all of us. I’ve accepted that it is not a food I get to enjoy right now but my kids are missing it. My Read More