Busy Bees

Well friends, we have been one busy family lately! My goodness – this summer has just flown by and we have been working our little tails off. Surprisingly even though I’ve missed posting a few recipes in the last couple weeks, I’ve had a constant level of traffic on the site – thank you all for that!

I have a lot in store for this blog in the next couple of months so be prepared! To give you a heads up, I will be giving away some AMAZING coconut oil in the next few weeks. I’ve also been considering a couple other giveaways to help celebrate my one year of this blog! It’s amazing how far it has come in the last year and how much I have learned through cooking. I won’t spill too many details about this yet!

Four years ago, we bought our second home and we loved it. It was a perfect house for our family but the location was not ideal for us. I mean we didn’t live in a sketchy neighborhood but we were in the middle of town (which was something my husband wasn’t too keen on). Anyway, occasionally my husband and I would look at real estate for sale in our area. Kind of silly I know, but we wanted to be on the lookout for the perfect place… that forever home. Well, in January we found it! We decided to list ours for a couple months to see how the market was doing – we were not going to buy anything until we sold ours. We went to look at the “dream home” and of course, loved it even more. We had a few people look at ours but nothing real serious. On a Monday in April, we showed the house to some people from out of town. On Thursday night, my sister from Phoenix called me to let me know they would be coming into town the week of Memorial Day and wanted to stay with us. I said “of course – we have plenty of room!”. On Friday morning, the people made us an offer on our house – but wanted to close the week of Memorial Day (30 days). Yeah – perfect timing. We negotiated on price and closing and ended up closing in the afternoon on the day that my sister and her family left. We managed to “rough” it with my family for a few days so we didn’t have much to move while they were here. Luckily, the dream home was still for sale and we were able to close on it – 10 days after we had to be out of ours. Yep, homeless for a few days. We weren’t homeless; my in-laws graciously let us take over their basement for the 10 days and it was very nice! It brought back so many memories of when my husband and I were dating in high school. Anyway, we closed on the new house and literally moved as soon as we had papers signed. We had junk all over the place – both our parents’ house, a mini storage, in the cars, etc. That day we closed, it was raining but my husband has awesome friends that helped us get everything at least in the house. Now, we are just slowly unpacking, painting, doing some maintenance, yard work, etc. Not to mention, working, monitoring our (mainly my) eating habits, kids, the usual. It has proved to be incredibly exhausting, time consuming, stressful, etc. BUT every night, I get to walk into a beautiful home that I never thought I would have with my wonderful husband and children. The only thing that mind boggles me is how I deserved to be blessed so much in this life. I can’t quite figure that one out… but I’m sure glad that I am. I hope that this home will bring us much happiness, love and comfort. I also hope that in this home we can help others and strengthen our faith even more.

new house

Anyway, that is what we have been doing and what has been taking me away from this blog! I hate that I’ve been so distracted but can’t wait to share what I’ve been coming up with. I can’t say that I won’t miss a post or two in the future but stick with me – we’ll get back in the groove. Who knows, you might get rewarded for your patience! 🙂

lane baby1
Baby boy – 3 months old.. where does the time go?!

Also, does anyone have any tips for a mother who has a sweet first child starting school in a few short weeks? Now that we are moved, I have to prepare myself for my baby boy growing up…. I might just end up in the looney bin. I may turn into a crazy mom who sits in the car in the parking lot all day crying because her baby is in kindergarten…..

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