Brie Peach Stackers

These little treats are awesome. They are a perfect blend of salty and sweet. It makes a perfect side dish to a grilled meat and a small salad. The basil really compliments the balsamic dressing and tomato. The salty brie really brings out the tartness and flavor of the sweet peach. Throwing it all on the grill gives it a little extra flavor as well. They can get a little messy and hard to eat but so worth it!

1 peach, sliced into about ¼ inch slices (peeled and pit removed)

1 tomato, sliced into about ¼ inch slices

6 basil leaves

6 thin slices of brie cheese

Balsamic vinaigrette dressing

  • On a grill (or inside on a skillet), cook one side of peach slices for about 2 minutes – just enough to get it a little soft but it will still hold it’s shape.
  • Flip peach slices over and top with brie, basil and tomato.
  • Close grill lid or cover skillet and cook for abouter 3-5 minutes or until brie is starting to melt.
  • Put peach stacks onto a serving plate and drizzle over about ½-1 tsp of balsamic dressing. Serve immediately.

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