Bad day & 4 wheels

Sooooo…. today I need to do a quick recap on Day 4 AND 5 of our 25 Days of Family time and Giving…. I’m slacking already – but hey, I never claimed to be perfect.

To be honest, day 4 was rough. It started off relatively promising but ended on a bad note. First off, Mr. Sully Elf was caught drawing minion faces on the bananas with permanent marker. Harper thought it was hilarious and Lane insisted on taking THAT piece of fruit to lunch.

After school, the kids were not well behaved… at all. As most parents know, some days are just better than others. I’m not sure what was going on – something in the air, moon issues, whatever – they were just cranky! I feel like all we did was say “No.” “Stop that.” “Don’t pick on your sister.” “Leave your brother alone.” you know the rest….  We are trying to threaten less and enforce more – SO, we (after lots of frustration, arguments, etc..) we decided that there would be no new gifts for family time. Another reason was me. As with children, some days with my health are just better than others. Last night, was not a better day. I think it was just a matter of the busy holiday schedule, being around lots of people, tired, etc. Either way, it caught up with me and I crashed… hard… at 7:30 on a Friday. I did fall asleep to my husband reading to the kids so that was nice!

Day 5 saw improvement though. It was a busy day – I had a little craft fair in which I decided I wanted to put some sales to use. For each sale of any product this month (book, Young Living, bakery items, whatever) I’ll be donating 10% to local food pantries. Unfortunately, I’ve got some work to do before the food pantries have anything from little ol’ me. When you live in a small town where food allergies aren’t well known, you don’t sell a lot of allergy friendly items. Don’t worry, I’m working on changing unhealthy habits each day 🙂 With all that being said – get those holiday orders in NOW! Check out my book over at Amazon – or on the “Products” Page on my site (it’s new, bare with me!) I need your help in helping me help others (wow.. say that 5 times fast). Let’s all try to shine some light in this grey, sad world. Let’s help each other find some happiness this holiday season! I’ve got several gift items available if you are looking for something to put under the tree – or for co-workers, Secret Santa, etc.

Today’s family time was a little unplanned. Our son had a birthday party to go to for a friend so we all tagged along. The family also has a daughter the same age as Harper so we all get along well. Anyway, the party was at a skating rink and we had fun! Honestly, I haven’t skated in YEARS and I was a little rusty! However, it was surprisingly fun and the kids had a blast. It’s crazy to think that this was their first time skating. By the time I was 7, I was a pro! 🙂 We were too busy skating to get some really embarrassing photos of my husband and I – but if someone else did, I’ll be sure to share them with you! 🙂 Here’s a few of the kids though:



I think the point I want to make is that life happens and gets in the way. Sure, I posted a really cutesy calendar that was supposed to help keep us on track this Advent. Guess what? I’m behind on posting AND we’ve switched things up a bit. What’s more important is the purpose and consciously thinking about Advent and what we need to do prepare for Christmas. Even though the last couple of days have been a little quirky – we are still enjoying this season together. Here’s hope for a better tomorrow 🙂

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