Avocado Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a quick and easy solution for dinner, lunch or even breakfast. Some nights we are just too busy to have a fancy dinner but I won’t sacrifice nutritious foods for junk. Quesadillas can be easily modified for whatever you have on hand or whatever you want to eat. These are super easy to make and are on the table in less than 30 minutes. It goes even faster if you have some leftover chicken or meat that is already cooked. We typically grill or bake an extra chicken breast or two on the weekends so we have a quick fix meat to add with our dinners during the week. Saves lots of time and reduces stress!

8 6” corn tortillas

1 chicken breast, cooked & shredded
1 avocado, finely diced
1 garlic clove, minced
1 tsp cilantro
¼ cup onion, diced
¼ cup sour cream
¼ cup shredded cheese
Toppings if desired – tomatoes, salsa, ranch dressing, etc

  • In a large skillet, sauté onion and garlic until tender. Add in chicken breast and cilantro.
  • On a griddle (or another skillet), warm corn tortillas on each side for about 2 minutes per side.
  • Spread  a little sour cream over each tortilla to help ingredients stick to tortillas.
  • On four of the tortilla shells, sprinkle shredded cheese. Then over the cheese, sprinkle chicken breast mixture. Sprinkle avocados on top of the chicken.
  • Top each with another tortilla shell.
  • Remove quesadillas from heat and cut into four quarters.
  • Serve with whatever toppings or sauces you’d like. Makes 4 quesadillas.

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