An Early Christmas for you!

Christmas came a little early for me and in turn will come a little early for two of my lucky readers! At the recent Gluten & Allergen Free Expo I attended in Dallas, I had the privilege of meeting several people associated with gluten free companies. I met a couple representing Bob’s Red Mill. If any of you pay attention to my recipes, you’ll notice that I frequently reference Bob’s products. Why? Because I love them! At the expo, all I wanted to do was tell them how much I loved their products. Although yesterday, I received a HUGE surprise in the mail! Bob’s Red Mill had sent me a big box of goodies!!! Not little samples either, full size products!



In the spirit of giving this holiday season, I am having an unexpected giveaway! Two lucky winners will receive a goodie box complete with the following:


We have used ALL of these Bob’s products I’m including in the giveaway. My favorite is the Muesli. It is a wonderful mixture of grains, fruits, nuts that make a delicious and hearty breakfast. We’ve even made Muesli cookies before! ┬áMy husband likes the 8 Grain mix. It features nutritious whole grains that make for a “manly” breakfast. Don’t worry ladies, you’ll love it too. Quinoa is extremely popular right now – mainly for its nutritional properties. It is very similar to rice and is very versatile. It is great sweet, savory, etc. You can make quinoa burgers, granola bars, breakfast cereals, etc. I’ve used it in my Quinoa Stuffed Squash, Super Hot Breakfast Cereal and Banana Nut Noatmeal.

If you aren’t familiar with Bob’s Red Mill products, I highly encourage you to find out more! Their product selection is HUGE. They have tons of gluten free products, whole grain products, beans, baking mixes, etc. They also have non-gluten free products as well. I frequently purchase their products online at their website. They also sell on other sites such as Amazon. I like to purchase their product bundles as it includes flat-rate shipping for the box of products. Give their products a try – I’m sure you will love them!

To enter the giveaway, leave a blog post comment below. Tell me your favorite act of kindness – to give or receive! I’ll randomly pick two winners on Friday, Dec. 12th and ship the prizes out immediately so you have them for Christmas! Winners must have shipping addresses in the United States – no international winners (sorry!).

In addition, you can enter on my facebook page as well – link is here. By all means, share the giveaway – everyone loves free stuff!!

Special thanks to Bob’s Red Mill for supplying the main products for the giveaway!!!

*Facebook is in no way affiliated with the giveaway*

8 thoughts on “An Early Christmas for you!

  1. Heather Cox says:

    I think any random act of kindness is the best. Offering to pay for someone food or gas, or helping someone to the car etc. Even just cleaning out your familes extra none used stuff and donating it, can make all the difference to someone else!

  2. theresa daniels says:

    Years ago when I had to raise 4 kids on my own, at Christmas time I had no money to pay my utilities or buy Christmas presents. I received an anonymous gift of $200 cash in the mail. Well of course I paid my utilities with it. Then about a week later I received Walmart gift cards in the mail (that way I had to buy presents, not pay my bills). After my friend Andy Houser’s mother past away suddenly, Andy told me that it was her mom that gave me the money. And I wasn’t the only one. All those years I never knew it was her until I couldn’t thank her. That was truly an act of kindness that I will never forget or appreciate. Thank you Marty Houser!

    • crstultz says:

      Momma T – you are so right, that was an amazing gift. What I loved most about Christmas was never the gifts – sure, everyone likes gifts. I loved how every Christmas we enjoyed it together and I always appreciated the work you did just to make it special (the surprises, the food, family, etc.). My favorite part of Christmas is decorating the tree as a family and attending Christmas Eve Mass as a family.

  3. crstultz says:

    Heather – you are right. Any act of kindness is awesome. I like the paying for gas idea – we don’t eat out (ever) so we can’t pick up someone’s tab for them! Last year, a giveaway winner told me they always took food to the police or fire station on Christmas day. We loved that idea so much that it is one of our new traditions in our 12 Days of Giving.

  4. crstultz says:

    One of my personal favorite act of kindness in the last few years came from our kids’ godfather (and hubby’s best friend). He surprised us with gifts at Christmas. He knows we don’t get to go out much so he got us movie tickets and a gift card to a snazzy restaurant. Better yet – instead of getting the kids gifts, he gave them both significant amounts of money for their college fund. It was so surprising and so generous.

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