Amazon Smile Program

Hello friends! Long time, no post!

We’ve been busy this last week. I had a couple doctor’s appointments out of town so we decided to have a mini-vacation with the kiddies. I’ll catch up with those details later but for now I have something more important to talk about!

I hope you’ve noticed that some of my posts reference items you can purchase online, particularly through My Amazon Store. It has my favorite products that are sometimes hard to find unless you live in larger cities. Long story short – Amazon is my go-to place. We subscribe to AmazonPrime to get better shipping, loan out books, watch movies, etc. Want to know what I also love about it? They have the Amazon Smile Program.

Here’s a little bit about it:

Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to a charity you choose. There are a million different charities to choose from. My favorites are my local charities (Columbus Community Foundation, local churches, school organizations, farmer’s markets, etc), state charities (Catholic Diocese of Wichita, Kansas Universities, etc) and national charities (St. Jude’s, American Cancer Society, Red Cross, etc).

All you do is shop on Amazon like you usually do. To pick your charity, go to and select what you’d like. You don’t need a new account, a new cart, etc. You’ll be able to use the same settings. If you can’t decide on a charity and you shop Amazon frequently (like me!), you can change the charity you are supporting whenever you like.

It doesn’t cost the charity any money, or you. You will get the same great prices and speedy delivery from Amazon. Just as an added perk, you get to support a great cause! If you want additional information, you can find it here!

I encourage those who shop on Amazon to give it a try if you want – a quick and easy way to help someone else out while still getting your favorite products! I’ve already made my first purchase using the program! Who knows… there may be a giveaway relating to this in the near future 🙂

For my local followers who can’t decide on a organization to help, I suggest the Webb City Farmer’s Market. When I was first accepting the challenge to drastically change my diet, I decided to hit up the farmer’s market to see what I could find. What I found was an extensive resource for local, natural produce, meats, dairy, crafts, etc. In addition, I found a group of people who support each other and so many shoppers who also help these farmers and individuals thrive. The atmosphere is great and I feel that it is important to have a better idea of where your food is coming from. If you aren’t from our area, I encourage you to check out a farmer’s market near you! I guess you could call our diet Paleo, Whole Foods based, etc., but whatever you call it, it requires access to fresh, natural produce and grass fed, natural meats. I have yet to find a better place to find these items than our local farmer’s markets, plus it helps support local businesses in our communities!



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