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Welcome to LPHJ Kitchen! My name is Courtney and you should know three things about me. I love God, my family and cooking. LPHJ are the initials of my two children who inspire me each and every day. The letters also represent things we try to instill in our lives – love, patience, hope and joy. With this blog, I hope to bring you healthy, family-friendly recipes to enjoy. In addition, I will provide some tips, meal planning and anything else I think you may find useful! I hope you LOVE it and I ask that you have PATIENCE with me in HOPE that it will bring you some JOY.

Most of the recipes and meal plans you will find here are fairly simple, healthy, allergy friendly (mainly gluten/dairy free but easily adaptable for other needs) and kid-friendly. Thank you for joining me in this journey and I hope you find something you like here! Happy cooking!


The transformation of our diet has been quite a process. A decline in my health is the reason for our dietary changes and also this blog. If you are curious, you can find my story as a link under this page title.



1. Health Claims: none of the information you find on this website is meant to take place of or appear to be medical advice. Anything on this site is my opinion only and should be treated as such. As of now, I do not have nutrition or medical certifications. For specific dietary or health needs, consult your physician.

2. Affiliate Programs: to help support this blog, I am partnered with several affiliate companies. This means that I have the potential to earn money or receive products based on links provided on this website. For example, I frequently use affiliate links in my posts to help you find products I use or recommend. These links and affiliate programs help LPHJ Kitchen stay up and running. Any use of these affiliate links is greatly appreciated and I assure you, the funding is put to good use through product giveaways and research.

Thank you for reading and supporting this blog and it’s purpose!


One thought on “About LPHJ Kitchen

  1. Mary Bottorff says:

    Hi Courtney –

    Love your story and totally can relate….being gluten & dairy free. I would love to purchase some of your goodies, but have a quick question your dairy free products?

    Are all your products gluten and dairy free?


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