A popcorn story

Day 9 of theΒ 25 Days of Christmas

We are suckers for popcorn and a movie. Well – my husband and children are: I’ve never been a huge fan of popcorn. It’s like PB & J – movies & popcorn. Well, that was the emphasis of our day of giving today. We decided to put little packages of popcorn with a Merry Christmas note in the Red Box bins around the area. Now, whoever visits the Red Box now – gets a free bag of popcorn on us πŸ™‚


This was one of my favorite ones to do – not because it was cheap or easy – but because it was totally anonymous and hopefully brightens someone’s day. I know when we pop in a movie, it’s because we are tired, want to snuggle and need a good laugh or something. Sometimes, it’s because we’ve had a long day or whatever. Hopefully whoever gets grabs their movie also gets a smile from our little gift. After all, it’s the littlest things that can mean the most!

Sully, the elf, was extra helpful this morning. He wanted to get the kids started off right with a healthy “candy cane” breakfast. He wants to make sure the kids are getting healthy foods – especially during the season of holiday treats πŸ™‚


After a rather busy week already and an even busier weekend coming up, I thought we needed some silly time tonight. Sometimes, my husband and I forget that the kids are not always mature, not always still and not always quiet. Often times, I find us getting short with them out of lack of patience, a long day or whatever. I wanted tonight to just be silly time full of giggles. We decided to have some yummy, homemade (organic) hot cocoa and make up our own Christmas story. As you can imagine, it was super silly. With a sassy, princess loving ‘threenager’ and a quiet, highly intelligent 7YO super hero loving boy, we expected nothing less πŸ™‚

Here’s our story….

Once upon a time….
there was a young family
they wanted to see Optimus Prime
However, transformers don’t like the snowy winter on Earth.
The ground was completely Frozen because Elsa did it.
So Optimus talked Elsa into ‘unfreezing everything.
She did and the Transformers said “thank you”.
Everyone was getting so excited for Christmas to be here.
because they loved Christmas and had asked for a toaster.
The Transformers were afraid the toaster would turn into a decipticon.
However, the toaster turned into an ice prince!
Then the Transformers put up a big, tall Christmas tree.
Elsa, her ice prince and the Transformers decided to sing Christmas carols for all of the people.
They started to sing Let it Go because it’s Elsa’s favorite.
After singing, everyone had a big Christmas dinner.
Their mommy’s made delicious pretzel cookies full of gluten.
Then the Transformers can’t eat the cookies because they are made of metal and don’t have bellies.
The good mom made special cookies for the Transformers and everyone was happy.
The end.

I should probably get that copyrighted in case it goes viral due to it’s sheer awesomeness πŸ˜‰


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