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It’s just the second day into the New Year but I’m sure a lot of you have made resolutions! We don’t really call them resolutions. While we do like to better ourselves in many ways, we also understand that added pressure causes more stress  – and in turn, the resolutions fail… which also causes stress, etc. Over the years, we’ve wanted to lose weight, exercise more, eat better, save money, etc. We’d make outrageous resolutions knowing full well that they were extremely difficult to meet. Now, we make it simple. We make conscious efforts to do better in whatever we feel needs improvements. We don’t put a timeline, restriction, or definitive # on it.

For example, this year we want to pray more, love more, live better. That means we want to go to church more often. We want to have more patience with each other. We want to do more things as a family. We want to show kindness to those who need it. We want to be thankfrul for our blessings – and show it better. We want to eat better – but in general (less sweets at night, drinking more water, eating more vegetables, etc). We want to feel healthy – less reliant on scales, calorie counts, etc.

There are so many so-called “quick fix” diet plans out there. I’ve tried a lot of them over time. Last year, I completed my first Whole30 program – which is essentially the diet I already follow, except eliminating all added sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, etc). I did it for health purposes as my doctor was eliminating as many sugars in as many forms as possible. While I think the Whole30 is a good program, you can bet that on Day 31, I consumed stupid amounts of chocolate bars. Yes, I felt bad but I was so restricted that as soon as that “timeline” was lifted, I went crazy. Call it a lack of willpower or whatever, but I also think that to make a goal to ‘live healthier’ you have to make a lifestyle change – not a temporary fix. For me, I’ve made the choice to eliminate certain foods that I know make me sick. I could easily say “oh, I’ll sacrifice a little pain for that donut” but I’ve learned it’s not worth it. While I loved the Whole30 and how it made me feel – I think it needs to be like a “Whole Life” program. It’s good enough to want to follow it long-term, with some occasional cheat days (Christmas, Birthday, etc.). BUT that’s just my opinion 🙂

There was a time when I wanted to lose weight so bad but couldn’t. It was because I wasn’t doing it the right way. I’d put so much pressure on myself that it was such a chore. It was fun, it wasn’t helpful and I failed. One thing that I’ve learned is that if you have a positive attitude, you can accomplish just about anything. Sure you have to have some strength, patience and other qualities…. BUT attitude is HUGE.

That being said, I hope you are able to stick with your resolutions – whatever they are! If they are to live a little healthier, lose weight, eat better, etc… then I hope these recipes help you out! These are some of my favorite healthy options for quick meals, slow-cooker options, etc. I can’t guarantee weight loss, six pack abs, etc… but I can tell you that they taste great!

Healthy Lunch Options

Modified Tuna Salad

Chicken Butternut Chili

Basil Olive Zucchini Pasta

Basil Olive Zucchini Pasta

Spicy Citrus Salmon

Arugula Pesto Chicken

Arugula Pesto Chicken

Banana Walnut Bread Smoothie

Zesty Chicken

Balsamic Strawberry Cucumber Salad

Balsamic Cucumber Strawberry Salad

Rainbow Hash

Chicken Teriyaki Soup

Overnight N’Oats

Roasted Brussels


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