$5 Poinsettia Centerpieces

I really try to be crafty… really I do. It usually doesn’t work though! Sometimes the things I make turn out great but a majority of the time they don’t. Usually what happens is I buy all the items I need to make something I have in mind. Halfway through it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to so I improvise and turn it into something more presentable. That’s how this cute little centerpiece happened. I bought tiny ornaments to make a little ornament garland – failed so I threw the ornaments into a glass jar and I liked it! Added a few extra touches and voila! I know this is mainly a cooking blog so don’t worry – you won’t see many crafts on here as I don’t usually have many “voila” moments! Ha! This makes about 3 centerpieces depending on the size of ornaments, vases, etc.

2-3 packs of small ornaments (I picked 3 packs of 1” ornaments in red, silver and gold)
1 large vase
1 large poinsettia flower
A handful of fake snow
Ribbon, string, etc for your bow

    Take the small ornaments and place them into the vase in any pattern you’d like. I wanted to use different ornament textures and colors in layers. 

  • Toss in the fake snow and gently move the vase around to get the snow to “fall” around the ornaments. 
  • Stick in your flower and tie a bow around the outside of the vase. Very simple, yet very cute!

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