25 Days of Christmas Countdown

For the last few years, our family has celebrated Christmas in a few ways. During the 12 days before Christmas, we would spend each night together as well as participate in our “12 Days of Giving”. Each day, we would do something nice for someone, give gifts/items to someone who needed it, etc. It’s a tradition that we seriously enjoy and love and I hope that it will continue for many, many years to come….

This year, we are expanding the idea.

This year, we are celebrating the 25 Days of Christmas! We will be doing the same things – 25 days of family time, 25 days of giving, 25 days of love!

New Picture

I love sharing our results with you all and this year will be the same; however, I also wanted to give you our little calendar in case you wanted to make one up for yourself! There are SO many giving options available – these are just the ones we decided for our family. In addition, this year, we are praying and reading scriptures every night so we can really cherish the season.

As far as our family time goes, we will be doing a wide variety of activities: opening little gifts (usually books or games), making gifts for others, movie nights, etc. The best part is how excited the kids were to help plan our 25 days. I decided to let family time be a surprise for the most part as I love a little surprise 🙂

Are there any acts of kindness or family time activities you do each year for the holidays? We are always looking for new, unique ideas – not only for Christmas but all year long! Let’s share some ideas and keep CHRIST in Christmas!

On this 1st day of December, we wish you a blessed, inspiring, joyful and wonderful holiday season! Stay tuned for daily updates of the Stultz family activities!

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