25 Days of Christmas 2016

Today is one of our favorite days! Today marks the start of our 25 Days of Christmas preparation!

Ever since our little man was born, we’ve tried to create our own family traditions. Some didn’t stick, others are now lifelong traditions that we look forward to soooooo much! Our 25 Days of Christmas has evolved a bit but still maintains the same premise….

*We celebrate these 25 Days with family time. That includes games, books, movies, activities, crafts, etc.

*We celebrate these 25 Days with giving and kindness. That includes donating coats, toys or food and showing others love this holiday season.

*We celebrate these 25 Days with Sully, our elf. This has been fun for all of us and we try to twist it around to help us explain the reason we celebrate Christmas.

One thing we have learned the last couple years is that you don’t have to spend TONS of money to have family time or to show kindness to others. There are many people who are tight on cash this time of year but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate. We tend to provide monetary donations AND use our talents as well.

If you are looking for some ideas, here is our 25 Days of Christmas Calendar which includes all three items: E= elf, F=family time, K=kindness/giving. These are my shorthand notes so if you are curious, just ask for a better explanation 🙂


Today, our friendly little elf, Sully, was found in a marshmallow bath on the counter. He technically arrived a couple of days ago and has already started causing trouble 😉

As part of our family time, we will get to open a gift – it is an Advent Countdown Calendar with special prayers and activities to do together each day.


For our 1st day of kindness, the kids had a great idea. They decided they wanted to give out mini candy canes. Lane wanted to take some to his classmates with a little joke attached to each one. Since Harper doesn’t go to school, she decided to hand hers out at random today. This was probably my favorite act they have done because they thought of it all by themselves. They signed their name on the back of the joke while Dad and I tied them up. For my little man to hand out candy to each kid was impressive as he is very shy. Princess decided to hand out a couple to her gymnastics teachers and take the rest to Wal-Mart to grab a few things. The best part was watching her pick who she gave a candy cane to and their reactions. She proudly said “Merry Christmas” and very sweetly distributed them to a few employees. They were all very surprised and genuinely thankful. She had so much fun and so did I! I’ll try to post pictures each day of our activities.


What’s your favorite way to spend time together or to show kindness this holiday season? Let’s share some ideas for all of us to use!!

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