2017 Simple Menu 1pg rev1017


Do you believe in miracles? I’m not talking the Santa Claus kind here… I’m talking real deal, real life, faith shaking miracles. I’ll be honest…. if you would have asked me just a couple of years ago, I would have said no. Let me explain… Most of you know my story… my health and body Read More

2017 Simple Menu 1pg rev1017

Moroccan Chicken & Rice

I’m always looking to try recipes from different cultures and this one is a HUGE favorite. We love the spice combinations. I love that it cooks so well in the slow cooker! This really is a simple and flavorful favorite… In all seriousness, it is one of my very favorite meals of all time! Makes Read More

2017 Simple Menu 1pg rev1017

100 Family Meals

We are a young family of four….. that means four people, with four different taste preferences… that means four people with busy schedules and activities. Taste of Home has just released a new cookbook, 100 Family Meals, that features some really great, easy-to-fix recipes. Plus, as you know, we deal with food allergies and these recipes Read More